I Wish I Had Been Born A Girl

I wish I had been born a girl because I feel I have been cheated of a happy life.  I missed going to social functions as a young girl with the fancy party dress and patent Mary Janes that I see little girls wearing.  Playing with dolls and having friends that liked to play girl games.  Having sleepovers and experimenting with Mom's clothes, make-up etc.  I wish I could have gradually learned how to walk in heels and wear dresses to school and parties.  I would have liked to see my body develop from adolescence to teenager to adulthood.  I so miss that metamorphosis.  Dating is something else I would have liked to experience. (Right now I am only interested in  my wife so I guess that I am a lesbian, however, there is never any sex when Shirley comes to visit)
If I had been born a girl I wouldn't have to hide my feminine actions and I could be one of those people that snub the Transgendered. (just kidding there...I hope I would be the accepting type and want to educate people about our lifestyle.
I would be able to find clothes to fit easier and I could build my shoes up because hopefully my feet would be smaller.
I am so tired of hiding from people that I think life would be better if I had been born a girl.
Sadly, even though I wear a dress occasionally, I was born male and will die male.  If there is an afterlife or reincarnation maybe I can come back as a girl.  As far as I am concerned that can happen anytime now.  I have lived a great life, have a great family and if I died tomorrow that would be okay.


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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

I totally agree with what you are saying. I would love to have been born a girl because I have felt like this since I was a little kid. And I feel that I have been cheated in life because I was never able to carry a child for 9 months and then give birth to that child. If I would have been born a girl I would be much happier right now. And I truly hope that there is reincarnation and that I come back as a girl.

I know that I would have had a much happier life if i would have been born the girl that I should have been. I too feel that I have been totally cheated in Life. I totally hate the male body that I was born with and I await death and finally being free from this male body of which I should never have been in.