Oh To Be A Girl

Im a guy and im in a happy relationship with my girlfriend of 10 year. But if i was granted 3 wishes, well id want to be a sexy 18 year old girl and a lesbian. Cant think of anything better, beauty and a wonderful body. Id make so many women happy
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

I think alot about being a woman. I want the body of a female so badly. I would be a lesbian and a **** too. I love oral sex with males and females. and the feel and taste of soft skin on my lips. I dream about spreading my legs and have a man lay on top of me while I hold his **** in my hand and feel it pulse and then I want it to slide up inside me, and be ****** hard and long, and the feel of it squirting inside me.<br />
Pinch my **** and pull my nipples and kiss me as you fill me with baby juice!

Well - that's a tall order - but you might try to be a little feminine - do you like to wear panties - or silky mens briefs from a place like Undergear? May be that a crossdresser can satisfy your lesbian desires without giving up your girl. Just a thought, Billi