Iggy Pop once said he is "not ashamed to wear women's clothes because it is not shameful to be a woman." Investigating that fem side of myself is thrilling and very fulfilling to me. But to respond to the question,I adore women, hell yes I am curious to know more about them and what it must feel like to be one. If you look here you'll see I clicked 'woman' when I signed up for the account - I love twisting perceptions and expectations in that way. As much as i am happy and content to be a man I'd still see it as a gift if I awoke one day and got to live as a woman for at lest a while... although, I imagine my friends family and work would be a more than a little confused and distressed. If more men could look up to women and truly appreciate them and learn from them we would all be healthier for it. Anyway, I've always been pretty gender fluid, I remember having these thoughts about wishing to be a girl since I was two - I really do remember that far back because the desire to be female was so powerful to me; these make up most of my earliest memories. The women in my young life were powerful and loving people and aspiring to be like them at a young age seemed sensible and attainable. That admiration and aspiration led me to love to bend the rules society puts around gender. I am fortunate enough to be married to a beautiful, secure, strong woman who loves me even more for that aspect of my personality - she is awesome and I look up to her greatly... we admire one another with mutual respect. I have not been outwardly very androgynous since I moved into my mid 20's and beyond but I am a more rounded person for keeping that gender fluidity within me alive as part of my psyche. Jung wrote about the anima, a female principle that exists in men, if she is repressed and not nurtured it leads to anger destructive and misogynist behavior. For me personally, I feel that so much of the fantasy of being a woman arises within me because, in my upbringing, I wasp exposed to quite a bit of disdain for women on the church I attended. I had to repress that essential part of myself so much it became fetishised over the taboo aspect of it. Eventually that morphed into an act of rebellion for me as I embraced my teen androgyny and began to experiment with outwardly expressing my fantasy - I was fortunate enough to be a teen in the 1980's so that gender bending was somewhat accepted. The bottom line is I love women, I think they are just really cool people. Aspiring to be anything like them is a good thing in my opinion. I mean seriously, the impossibility of reproduction aside, imagine the dull hardness of a world where it was just men.... Perish the thought!
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Not to explore that part of ourselves means to remain blind for a fundamental mystery

Yep, I love exploring that part of my personality! I have an erotic fantasy about being female but I'm way too vain to ever transition totally or permanently via surgical means, I like the attention of women too much and love being with them as a male. I definitely like to bend it though, and am fortunate to be married to a woman who digs that.

The way guys like Brian Molko and Johnny Depp present in the world is damned amazing to me and because I am a visual artist and musician, I am afforded a certain latitude in the way I present myself aesthetically. I just wish the world was not so homophobic and into binary, clearly defined gender roles. There is so much grey in human sexuality and gender and suppressing that fuzziness causes so much pathology.

I thing you are absolutely right.
Sexuality is not about black and white.
I share your fantasy. It is an erotic one indeed and I agree that it doesn't necessarily mean what people might think.
I am convinced that artists are more sensitive and intuitive about such matters.