my first job out of high school ended up being a door to door salesman selling Colliers encyclopedias.  When I answered the advert in the newspaper, it said "publishing !!".  wow.  thats me, I thought.  Books, writers, editors, the chemical smell of ink and newly printed stuff.... heaven.

I was sold down the river.  It was an elaborate scam that ended with me selling these bloody 26 books house to house.  I might have ben bored in the beginning but within a few days,  I was having so much sex, with so many housewives, it was outrageous !  I'm trying to sell books, they're trying to get me to drink wine and behave like a normal horny 18 year old.

After three weeks, I had had enough, but in those three weeks I was being seduced two or three times a day, loving it, (hello ? !!) but I might be loud but I'm not cheap, and I quit.

**** me that was a laugh.   And I sold three sets of those silly books.

woof !

zippyp zippyp
41-45, M
Feb 25, 2009