Drilling fluids decanter centrifuge is mainly used for recycling barite, eliminating small solid, reducing the solid content of drilling fluid, controlling the density and viscosity of drilling fluid, ensuring the performance of drilling fluid, and play an important role in drilling fluid solids control system.
Its principle is : high-speed rotating drum drive inner mud rotate speedily and then the mud is thrown onto drum’s surface to form a fluid circle.
Under the centrifugal force, solid sedimentary force in the separated liquid will be several hundred even thousands of times heavier than its own gravity so as to separate the solids from the suspension quickly. The ratio of centrifugal force which the solids have gained and the solid’s gravity is called as separating factor.
The larger the centrifugal force, the finer the separated solids, so three types of centrifuge can get according to separating factor.Decanter centrifuge is driven by two motors. The main motor drives the drum and the outer casing of differential through belts while the auxiliary motor, after the differential shifting speed, drives the spiral propeller. This will make the drum and the spiral propeller rotate in the same direction with a certain differential speed. And when the material is fed into the inner canister of the spiral propeller from the feed pipe, the material will be flowing to the drum wall through material exit.
The degree phase of the material is different because it is subjected to different centrifugal force and so, the material with heavy phase will be quickly accumulated onto the inner wall of drum while the material with light phase will slowly stick to the surface of heavy phase, a layer of interface to be formed between degree phases. And along with increase of heavy phase accumulation, the top end of spiral vanes will be inserted into the accumulated layer of heavy phase. By this step, the drum and spiral impeller are rotating with high speed in the same direction, having differential speed value to some extent.
And the relative revolution difference is making grain of heavy phase move to the material exit on the small end while the liquid of light phase is forming into passage, flowing to the exit of liquid phase. The overflowing mouth position of liquid phase is controlled by the regulating plate.
decantercentrifuge decantercentrifuge
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Aug 28, 2014