Underhanded Bike Shops

   I got another puncture in my bike yesterday again. Not happy about having to give it to a thieving bike shop to fix these flatties, but its just so convenient to do so. I actually heard the cash bloated owner of the shop quietly hiss "charge hm frr tyre n tube"  to his repairman employee. I was standing at the counter after being sent away to wander around for half an hour, as they supposedly repaired my puncture. He then showed my tyre with an incey hole in it from broken glass cut, then tried to con me i needed a new $50 tyre. "Na i dont buy that, put that tyre back on please" was my swift reply. Then i had to hang around twiddeling my thumbs as he did it!
I think i will invest in another high pressure pump to keep at my place of work Magenta, with a puncture repair kit. There is so much broken glass on the side of roads from boozey boy racers chucking thier    bottles out windows on weekends. This happens so often that its worth my while to set myself up with the equipment to fix these myself, not just at home but in town also. Then i wont be conned into buying a new tire and tube everytime i get a puncture by the money extracting bike shop!
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1 Response May 10, 2012

Its a pushbike i have not a car.

Well you shouldnt of been driving so fast