Two People, One Body. Things Are a Little Crowded In Here.

The things I dream of, I dread.  The things I love, I loathe.  The things that I desire, I detest.  How?  I'm not sure.

I've never really considered myself to be any different than anyone else.  Not where it mattered.  But somehow, the more I think about what I want from life, the more each and every question has two separate and opposing answers that are equally valid.  Every single one.  Even the most mundane topics are now leaving me at a loss as to my view of them. 

Somehow, I think it must be some sort of a gift, to be able to clearly see both sides of issues, and to be able to sympathize with just about anyone's viewpoint on just about any topic they choose.   And yet, it feels more and more like a curse as I'm finding it more and more difficult to choose one path in my life that I can be satisfied following.
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6 Responses Aug 21, 2007

It is good to create a space in your head and let everyone say what needs to be said and then iron out the answer. I find documenting what is going on helps.

I, like cloudbum found my way here because I googled my own version of "I fell as if I am two people". <br />
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Ive been asking this question for so long and have yet to figure it out. I try to explain the literal split I feel within myself..and no one really understands. So, I am very happy to hear I am not alone. <br />
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Literal logical me needs answers to her questions. While emotional me is fueled by her passion and desire to know. I dont know if there is an answer or a reason... I suppose in the meantime, the two will just continuously whirl like a tornado debating anything and everything until one day I may hopefully find some peace. lol

it's great to finally see that I'm not alone. :) I actually just went to good and type "why do I feel like I'm two people?" and this was the first link. I would often times find myself contemplating life, people, existence, etc. I'm just pleased to know I'm not the only one with this type of thought process if there is such a thing. Maybe we're just weird. ;)

Are you serious?

Same here being a Libra and all each thing is placed in balance to the other. Are you a Libra too?

Yes, in discussions it's inpossible to defend one view, because the opposing view has also a point!<br />
I completely understand you.