Shirley Mae Blanchfield

my mother name was shirley mae blanchfield . She gave birth to me under operation due to the stress of carrying me. My mother's family had very small and in a sense weak kidneys. After i was born my mother recieved a kidney transplant but this was in 1990 and the techology used today was not around. They did not know that the kidney was not very strong and in a sense would cause more problems then good in the long run. Anyways when i was eleven my parents spilt up and i am fine with that.I went with my mother. About a year later my mother began to get sick and was rushed to baltimore university hospital. Her kidney's were failing. I remember the doctors saying you need to go into assisted living. I was only eleven or twelve and could not take care of her the way she needed it. She did not want to lose me or be a bother to any of her family members. So she kept working and was placed on outpatient diaylosis  in easton , maryland. With each visit she became weaker and weaker. The procuedure made her so cold and she bought a mexican blanket. I still have it. She had to quit her job as a cashier for my uncle and went on ssd ( social security disability) and state food stamps. In the end we moved in with a friend or so called friend and my mother died on feb. 24 , 2001 at 1130 pm. I saw her hours earlier and she was really weak in ICU but i knew she would make it through the night. She did not .
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Jul 10, 2010