A Fantasy If You Will.....

I keep having this reoccurring thought or fantasy, I drive a tow truck for a living right now and I keep having this fantasy or thought that one day I get involved in an accident were i get knocked unconscious. When i wake up I am in the back of an ambulance and they are cutting my clothes off. Just as they get to cutting my pants off they cut up and find that I am wearing pink ladies panties, they also notice something else and make a statement about the fact that i have something else on under the panties and when the pull my panties down the find that in addition to the panties i am wearing a pampers baby dry diaper...... the EMT looks at me and assures me it is okay and don't worry about a thing...... they will change your diaper at the hospital...... My wife comes up to hospital to see me and makes a scene because she knows that i am most comfortable in my diapers, telling the nurses that she will be the one to change me, not them! Pretty weird huh
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May 19, 2012