Guys? there are stages to fetish. Ladies? This applies to you, too.

Why is it important? Many people see fetishes as horrible things. Like the X-files, showing man who goes around causing terrible things. Hair fetishes should be known to men and women. The reality. What is the reality? A fetish is a fascination with something that is not T and A. Sometimes guys like other things too. Girls...how many times have you saw sexy hair on a guy and wanted to put your fingers through it? You like something other than his "normal" male physiology. It's not uncommon.

It's the same with guys. Guys have other areas they like. One of the most common is hair....and guys... if you like it say soimething...do justice and let her know... she needs to know these things.

Let's explain fetishes.

Unfortunately, the media likes to show the worst in fetishes with guys running around harming women. In reality...that's not TRUE. The media looks for entertainment...It's there job.

Psychologically, there are at least 4 stages of fetish

The worst is when a man must satisfy his fetish with criminal acts... and that's really rare. Most people and most on this site are at stage one. What does that mean?

Guys like the classic things. T and A. But some have other areas they like just as much. Hair is a sexual attractant with every one...even you. But, imagine a guy who really loves the softness and smell of freshly washed hair...is that bad? Why do you make it soft and smell good? For your boss. Most likely not. You want to be attractive.

So a guy likes you for those reasons. He loves your hair. And, he loves the way you smile, the way you pose... the witty way you tease him.... even you mood swings...when you feel down, he is there to bring you up... knowing things you tell him. Secrets. You tell him this and he is so caring...about YOU! Yet, he loves your hair too. IS that so bad? Probably not.

This person has a hair fetish on the fist level. That's where I am. Hair is very sexy just as the others are.

Guys? Do you find yourself on this level... and find hair very sexy..when touching it and smelling it....your normal... you just like it better. And, that is what it is.

It's like an added bonus. I like this as sexy, too.

The other steps go into hair as the only thing sexy. This takes care and consideration among women to know that hair is the only outlet. This takes a special woman. One who understands how your sexuality works. One who ges beyond norms to find a happy medium between Heavy hair sexuality and your own sexuality as a guy and woman. Something must be worked out.

This is just me...and I don't know if it's truwe, but I think those who have a heavier fetish are more sensative and better eqipped to deal with these issues. A guy with a major hair fetish has already understood how much it means to him and has seen the ramifications. He knows he's different. Knowing that, he understands he is different. Ladies who are attracted to them must understand that hair is number one... yet, the other things arte also there to explore and find for him. With a balance his sexuality can be productive.

Fetishes don't have to be bad...people make them bad... because of ignorance ot fear... which can be overcome and have a fruitful outcome.

Anyways, as far as me? If you find hair care a chore, I would be more than happy to take care of your hair for you... see.

And, guys, If you can make a whole addition to the house, put a fireplace in and get some fur rugs to attract you girl to a nice warm cozy fireplace? You can certainly do her beautiful hair! Right. Fetishes have advantages...
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2 Responses Mar 9, 2012

I love hair. It is my strongest fetish. A woman with long hair or with a great haircut makes me horny. So, I agree with you.

I've always loved hair, funny enough, also baldness!