Why This Fetish Story Is Not On The Fetish Site?

Why this fetish story is not on the fetish site?

It's simple.

Did you look at it?

It's like there is no discussion. It's all completely sexual... OK...yes, sexual... but, I mean... you know... Like going to an x-rated movie or something...

The topic is:

1. Guys, if like hair so much, how did it happen?
2. Girl's, you have heard of a hair fetish...ask questions? Don't sit there himing and hawing... you go to that fetish site? you just put the red light on yourself... yuck...
3. Why is do Hair fetishes exist?

It's like you go there and it's like x rated stuff that has nothing to do with the topic you expect you want it to be.

This is all about relationships... going out and understanding hair in general... encountering someone who has a fetish...and hair is one of the main ones:

1. I already put down why. See above topic...

2. Ask questions, girls? Hmmm. Why do guys like hair? Why do guys like anything? A nice non-hoopllaha discussion about hair as a something that is sexually attractive.

3. Why is there Hair fetishes? Why any fetish...?

OK a fetish. If a fetish was so simple... anytime a guy likes something, loves it a lot, and keeps it as a prize, it would be a fetish. But... that would mean... footballs... baseballs... fly collections... Tackle boxes... moose heads... That sweet 64 mustang in the garage that your boyfriend or husband keeps talking to and feeling and... you get the idea. We won't about the plumber and his sweet water heater... yikes. NO..fetishes are more than that.

Tag along sexy object on a girl... that doesn't fit into any other area.

Certain areas we all love. For guys... the two main areas. If they liked nothing else, they would only want those two areas and that is it. Breasts and ****** with legs...walking around. But, they don't respond to that...OK...most guys, I would say, though they might beg to differ, yet... they like other areas... and liking a certain area as much as the two classic areas... is a fetish.

Add-on. When we think of add-ons we think of computers. "Ok, this computer program is cool... but, we need an add-on." But, it's not a computer... it's people.

Ladies. How many ladies find attractive a full head of hair on men? As, compared to a guy with a shaved head? How about a beard? Not.. ZZ-TOP, but well groomed beard looking well groomed like trimmed short and soft? Yes? No?

That's the point. Some of you do and some of you don't!

That's the point. Now, say that it's really attractive? "I like this on men!" fetish... yep, an add-on. That's it!

This post about why. Why we like areas that are considered extra. I'm sure everyone has to some degree an affinity to something other than the most sexually stimulating areas of the body...and, that is as far as I am going to say about fetishes and what they do to us.

The question is why? And, do know if you have one. And, if you do, what to do about it so you can have a satisfying relationship with your partner. This is so important. It sounds like it might not be? But, if your partner doesn't understand, your relationship can faulter.

Many fetishes start when are very young... at the 2-3 years old... when we notice that there are not one people out there but two. Girls and boys. Now this not nice to these young people. Here it was just kids... Now, it's two types of kids... girls and boys!

Which is which. This is the most important thing on there minds. Are you a girl...a boy... and how do know the difference.

Talk... "I heard that someone doesn't have..." Fine, doesn't say anything... because you can't see it! That's the point! Now that you know that there are "TWO" people out there... we most know who is who si we can put them on left and the others right.

So... we go to established norms.

Pink. skirts... curly hair... long hair... girly shoes! GIRL... on left please!

Earthy colors... short hair... toughness...

Oops... not much of a difference... right? Right?

Skipping...girl... on the left now!

baseball bat swinging.. guy on right.. now!

"What about that one?"

Long hair... no curls... some strange scottish skirt... with long pull up socks... and... girl? "Did you call me a girl?"

"You look like one!"

KIds beaten up the kid. "I'm scottish and a guy!"


"We have another one. A pixie cut, tee shirt, jeans, sneakers?"


"You guys know nothing..." pixie cut girl goes to the other side and skips to the girls.

This isn't going to be easy!

This is the point. Both sexes have to try to figure out at such a young age who is who?

Now imagine a guy who is from... let's say for argument from guy family... no girls... and sees long girly hair a pink or lavender outfit with a skirt skipping down the lane. She dark hair like yours but much longer and big innocent eyes... and she so interesting. So, looking to see that no guys are around to make fun of him, he says hello... and suddenly she stops and says... "hi." Why? Becasue gave her the time of day before. You, begin a nice conversation and you find that she is a lot of fun..and (when the guys aren't looking you call on her... to play."

Guys? You just got yourself in trouble. You found a girl playmate. And, she is fun and you like her. And, she thinks your fun too. BUt, you just keep on calling on her. You are fascinated with her long hair... becasue your mom won't even allow your hair to even grow and she keeps telling you that her hair is no big deal. You appreciate your girl's hair and how she braves it... (which is you perspective. Because from her perspective, long hair is the normal thing?) Guys, you have just started to like long hair. Girl's? You have no idea what's going on!

Now take this to your age. A guy loves long hair... a fetish. So, ladies? What do you do with a guy who finds hair sexy and fun... "Fun" is the word here?

Maske him take care of it. Educate him on long hair care 101. He's college. Phosphates and what they do. Proteins like Karitin... OIls like sebum... close to coconut oil and the best moiusturizing componant in any conditioner.. glycerine... bonds water molucles... and he expert... a haircare specialist... by your and his own making. You have fun and he is your personal haircare specialist.

Only one thing that is so important that any type of hair at all must be obeyed. I mean... no hair care at all unless this rule is completely followed or you really have problems????

Clean up after the water fight!!! Because the floor boards in your place will sag or go down to the apartment below and there be trouble? Sorry a guy thing... don't want to replace floor boards... it's a lot of work and, guys you know, any extra carpentry that is not part of your plan is never good... is it?

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4 Responses Apr 19, 2012

I'm looking for people with a fetish for STD's. I am a gifter new to all this

I already saw where your hair fetishising started when I read your story about not having any friends . She had long hair , she became your friend .. End of story .

In answer to your question. My hair fetish started when I reached puberty. I am into forward hair washing of womens hair and maybe got this way because in the 60s my sister and her friends would wash there hair in a forward manner over the kitchen sink and I always thought it was hot. The first head I washed was one of my sisters friends. I still want to have hair affairs with women outside my marriage as my wife won't keep her hair very long at all, even though I still wash it and have since we were dating back in 1974. Still looking for a regular hair mistress.

Believe it or not, my hair fetish started around the age of three when I pulled a ladies wig off in the bus so I've been told. as far as I know - I've always liked hair, but not for sexual reasons.