Gadgetry Gone Mad

I don't know if this is going to make sense, but here goes.

I grew up on  small farm in rural Ireland, having been born within ten years of what was known as the rural electrification scheme, so I remember a time when, even though we had electric light, (an electric kettle and electric iron) we were still much closer to the way my grandparents lived in their youth than our present way of life.  We were also very close to the Earth, in that we grew our own crops and vegetables, had our own chickens and cows, even had our own pigs.  I just about remember a horse drawn plough.  

I had a happy childhood for the most part, so I remember those simple times with fondness. 

These days, we have every conceivable electrical convenience.  And while I know that that is a good thing, it has improved the quality of life, the availability of all these devices seems to emphasize just how far removed we have become from the world I lived in when I was little.  I sometimes think that the difference between those two worlds is comparable to the difference between our present world and that of Captain James T Kirk, it's almost extra terrestrial.  I'm not sure if I made sense here, but suffice to say that I've given up on trying to keep up with progress in gadgetry, it makes me uncomfortable in a lot of ways.
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I've often thought that we've made choices had choices made for us that take us further and further away from nature and the land.I have a future dream where we take the best of the past living off the land,and the modern world's advances and combine them by truely choosing what we let in our lives.

Your story made perfect sense to me. It has made life easier, I will say. No collecting wood to cook or heat water for a bath/shower