Back To Basics

I have no appreciation for the advanced technology we are all forced to contend with. We would have been better off staying in the 70's. Computers ruined our lives. Bill Gates should have been eliminated while he was still working in his garage along with his friend who started the whole mess. I do not like crowds, or hotels or cruise ships with thousands of people. The population has overgrown the world we live in. We have destroyed nature, the sun, the water, the wildlife, the sealife, the trees. I want for a simpler life where we all go back to no cars, no technology, no highrises. A beautiful world where we live off the land and depend on ourselves for our own livlihood. To be happy to be helping each other no matter what. To stop the wars and get rid of the politicians. We should all stand up together and march to Washington DC from the West Coast to the East Coast. Stop everything. We have the power to be independent. We should stand on the White House lawn and fire everyone. The government works for us, we do not work for the government.
islandgirl62 islandgirl62
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1 Response Aug 26, 2012

I totally agree!!!!!! I wish all of us could get together and live like this!!