100 Years Too Late

I was raised on a small farm seven miles from town. My parents were very old fashion. We did everything from milk cows by hand to grind our own flower. We raised many types of animals and hunting was thirty percent of what we ate. I have spent more time in the woods and in the feilds than I did in school. Always fascinated By nature and the freedoms that came with my surrounding. The town closest to us was only 500 people and one of the largest for 45 miles. No stoplights In our county then. As time went on we lost our family farm due to the rich people buying all the surounding land. Now its hundreds of houses where my family settled in the 1800s. My family had its own sawmill, flowermill, blacksmith shop, and even a church on our farm. All is gone now, I just remember the end of it all and all the hard work that was put into the land. Yet we respected it and cared for it, now its a poluted lake surrounded by huge homes that no one can afford and there most all for sale, These people came through this area and changed a whole way of life. They came to get away from the life they created in the cities, and brought the misserable ignorance with them. They only know what they watch on tv, or what they read in hoarse magazines, with not a clue what a peaceful rich life there was here before. Now as the newcomers control our township, city, and county boards they have pretty much done away with family farms. The only thing that grew was the nursing home. Most of the small stores are gone, they are to good to shop there. I often look to other parts of the country to move that still have quality not quauntity in life. I think for shure that I am a dieing breed. I am pretty shure My life would have been much better spent and enjoyed if I was born in the 1870S.
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31-35, M
Nov 28, 2012