40's And

Me too! I feel like I should have been young in the 1940s or 50's for fashion. In the 17 and 1800's for music. In the fifties and sixties for movies.

But all in all, I like now. I could never live the life I lead in any other time.

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I also was born in the wrong era. I should have been born in the early, to mid 1920's. The 30's and 40's were such a romantic time. Big Band music, the automobiles, clothing, World War 2. It was a time when men were men, and women were ladies. The greatest generation yes.

I could not agree more. I always find myself wondering what life was like in the 40's for my Dad (decorated WWII vet in Europe) and became so intrigued I took my first military assignment there and visited battlegrounds he had been involved in. From the music to as you say...fashion, the 40's would have been me. Sometimes I cannot escape those emotions...wishing I could see within the eyes of my father as he grew up.....

With me its the "Old west" Always dreamed of being a Cowboy

Love this story, Charlotte! I also have often felt I am living in the wrong time. I've always pictured myself in simpler times... like say the Little House on the Prairie days. And I don't know... some times I think it was easier to live the life, just wouldn't be able to capture it with technology I suppose! :-)

My dad grew up on a farm back in the 20's. His life was not that different from Little House on the Prairie days. Farming was hard work, and they never knew if their crop would sell or go bust. Most of the things they had, they made themselves. Department stores were starting to pop up in big cities, but not his little town. He told me about when they got their first used Model T. His oldest brother was the only one who could figure out how to drive it and even then, he usually blew out a tire or ended up in a ditch, waiting for someone with a strong horse to come along and pull him out. The stuff they show on TV is romantic, but not the rest of it.

LOL hey they show crossing creeks in covered wagons.... not pretty at all! Thanks for sharing your father's experiences!