Just A Pm Once In A While....

if you see i am not doing good, or if i seem down and out, just send me a pm once in a while, and let me know u care, and that you are there for me, because sometimes, really, that is all someone needs to hear, to be able to deal with things, when someone feels like there are people around who actually love and care about them, they have more of a reason, more of a drive, to get through things, but if someone is lonely, and feels like the only time smeone is going to talk to them, is when they write something, well than they just don't have that drive...
xSilentlySufferingx xSilentlySufferingx
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What troubles you? I don't need to know I'm just checking in to say I hope this is a better time.

Im sorry to have missed your story.......where can one read what's bothering you? Could someone post link please so I can follow along too? I'm new here still& this place is very confusing to me:(

Hi Aly. You know I've been reading this post over and over again and it hurts so bad. The idea that someone is not there for you when you have gone through a lot for that person really stings and a simple "are you ok?" is all it takes to ease the pain. I've finally made a decision to let go of a friendship that means so much to me. Probably more than my life. I've made a lot of sacrifices when he has the one in trouble and I never expect he give the same effort as i did. All i need is a single text message that says "ey bro, are you ok". <br />
Thanks Aly, Hope you find your peace and i hope I'll fine mine too.

I feel the same pain. I just wrote something last night. I hope you get through things and I hope your friend will come through for you.

i know i don't really know you but i'll show you some love every once in a while cuz i'm just that type of person lol

Thanks miss amy, I was just writing last night....

Love u aly..hugs..and hope u feel better