i mean even a pm saying''im here'' it means so much.....

i know angels are always near us but sometimes some words are important from our friends..

maybe is selfish?,idk.........i mean just to say im here to someone.

maybe someone is sad ,or maybe afraid or or........when u send ''im here'' it changes a bit of how we feel sometimes,make us feel better.

maybe ''im here'' is equal importance as ''i care and think about u''..

its important...

amysangels amysangels
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i guess..yeah..

I think it isn't selfish, it is a human need...



agree gryfnn..<br />

What you said about angels---I believe they are real and close---you are right though-- a bit of encouragement---a comforting few words---can really be welcome when you're feeling a little lonely.

u r right...<br />
heh roj,i agree :)

lol especially not a circle 'I'm here'!

i'm here for you amy.

I agree amy. Just letting someone know that you are there is such a comfort I think. I word or a gesture (online) is very important. Sometimes when life is busy, we may not have time to write long and detailed messages to each other - but just a gesture or two will make all the difference!