Why I Always Seem to Fall For the Wrong Guys...

I seem to be cursed! haha... oh, well... amybe, it's not the right time yet... I'll find someone... a real someone...

mistyeyedlass mistyeyedlass
18-21, F
9 Responses Mar 5, 2009

I don't think we should look. Love should find us. I know it''s kinda upsetting, especially when it feels like you've been searching for love forever, but i do believe that it will find you when it's supposed to find you. We don't have to settle for anything less. We don't have to settle with who's right for now. Someone who's right for always will come.

here is my question...how much energy should one spend looking vs accepting being alone? I feel that it is mostly a waste of time and energy. I have received nothithat would encourage me to continue looking.

thanks, flour:)... I haven't lost hope on love. I believe we all have our own happy endings..

when the time is right youll know it . it will happen one of these days!

we all fall for the wrong ones, sometimes, cheesecowboy...sigh... sad, but it happens... but well, maybe we can look at the brighter side of things... things do happen for a reason. quite a cliche, but true.

some of us fall for the wrong woman :(

It is, Shine. We can always really learn thru experience. There's always something good that comes out of every life experience. There really are reasons why we get to meet the people we meet. It still hurts, I;m still kinda upset, but I'm managing to go through it... and i do have to. After all, I've been through this before, I can go through it again=).. The only difference is, this time, at least, I got to know the truth.


It took me 31 years, but my King has arrived...enjoy yourself looking for yours and don't fret, darling girl.