I Suppose Sometimes

I suppose, I just have to avoid answering the question, if I need to keep the response suitable for the general community. Sometimes people ask for more information than should be discussed in the general community and I'd rather tag that onto a story that is on the topic, though if I put certain stuff into one of the the 'adult' groups, it's gonna be read by people i'd rather didnt find it. I mean how do you you write this stuff.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Yeah, it's impossible to trust because it IS totally public..<br />
even if holoman is anon, he's still telling stories. I have to keep them from being anyone's 'entertainment'. I have seen stories on here that go into way more detail than I would ever do. I also try to avoid the narrative style and just write ABOUT rather than exact accounts of the experiences, moment-by-moment,, those stories <br />
i find really scary and I can't actually read them.. I'd jus rather not.. But then I'm putting a link up to a video today, in a story, and it's gona be really possible for people to misunderstand.. I just hope they remember it's a support site and there is no need to group-invade.<br />
I'm doing well to not even have an over 18 flag on this profile I think.. shows I'm prepared to talk sensibly about stuff I suppose.. I really don't understand the letchery.. I mean. IDK.. I'm gonna go write some disturbing stories, see you later..

i do the same and not only for that kind of questions..i just dont feel comfortable..