when im depressed i have no expression in me unless crying is provoked ... I can just sit for hours and not do anything ....  i have no feeling its almost like my emotions have been paralyzed ... I care about nothing ...  im just dead to the world around me .. If i could sleep all day and all night i dont think i would get out of bed ....
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Thanks for the comment. I have felt a bit better lately,the weather is warmer and I am taking life in steps and stride. My life has been FULL of the Caretaking role and I feel I have been in "Burnout" Mode,which has caused alot of my depression. Thanks again and keep on keepin on!

i snap out by making myself do the things i need to do to make me feel normal . Its hard ... but it helps in the long run .

Do you ever snap out of your Zombie? If so, How?....I need some advice!

could you roll a little medicinal? or see a dr. about meds? the catch is you have to be honest. I was afraid I was going to get committed, until I stabbed my stalker. jail sucks, at least now they realize I wasn't bein a drama-queen that I was battling depression on top of what the damned pigs wouldnt help me with.