I Think Things Through

That's me alright. I  can actually feel my self control kick in. If I'm angry I  stop . If I didn't stop all kinds of words would come out of my mouth.  I wanted to say something to a random teacher at school..She had some opinion about me seeing my Grandson at school, on Friday. I teach at the school.  I calmly went to my administrator & told the story..she was on my side & it was all fine. I also was happy to have done this instead of beating the sh*t out of her verbally.    the next time...Pow!
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Hi June..I have to admit, in the office & telling my story to the administrator, I was livid. Maybe some agressive people just need to be told off? Ugly confrontations just make my stomach hurt. I lived it in my home & now I'd like to never hear & experience it freely. That doesn't stop us from being verbally abused.At best, being calm may diffuse a blow up.

Oh, I thought you actually were at a loss for words. It was very difficult to imagine! LoL<br />
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Yes, I guess there are times when you know it's better to calmly take care of things, and not fly off the handle even though your head is smoking with rage and it is thoroughly justified to execute some verbal attacks. Kudos, owlie!

That incident took some REAL self control. Luckily there's no cartoon bubble above my head to read my thoughts. I had my class & they should not see or hear teachers argue. I 've worked on my temper and my mouth..that's a tuff one. I hate the fact that I can blow up & say killer words. Personally, it's a fright for me. On one hand it feels good..then the other feels horrible. After the fact, I think of three ways I could have spoken better. I'd rather be the good one then the one who makes people nervous. I'm no angel..when I let loose it's not pretty. I'd rather be speechless just a couple of minutes. When it comes to my Grandson..this hag better stay away away from me & mind her own business. The stupid F-ing witch...aw, that felt good!

Wow! I want a bucketful of your self- control. I usually say it as it is..... doesn't make me too many friends, but I have real friends.