Blowing Out Each Other's Candles

Most of us are suppose to be adults here, but some of the unseemly behavior makes me wonder!  I don’t know if you have seen the movie “Mean Girls”, but at the end, the main character comes to an revelation:  that she could make fun of the other girls all she wanted, but that it didn’t really do any good or make her any better as a person. 
As a teenager, I must confess, I engaged in a lot of gossiping about other girls behind their back, because let’s face it, it made me feel momentarily better.  But the thing is, it was a bandage solution, and I still have a lot of those insecurities now as a woman that I had as a girl.  What frigging waste of my valuable time!!
My mother always told me, time and time again, until it finally sank it, “Blowing someone else’s candle out isn’t going to make yours burn brighter.”  Brilliant woman my mother, I should listen to her more often.
JustBernieGirl JustBernieGirl
31-35, F
Aug 10, 2011