I Dont Know What It Is But Overwheling Guilt Takes Me Over

then I start to believe they are all ganging up on me and making out I burnt the house down in 76

and that I got Werner killed or forced him to suicide in 78

that I caused the party violence that News Years Eve in 78

and that I burnt the people up the roads house in 79

and that I put the wire through the neighbors dogs ear in 82

that I looked for Bill abusing me and I was in the wrong for telling him NO in 1996

and that I killed Bill (who molested me) in 1995

I looked for Ron sexually assaulting me

I looked for Katy Robinson bashing me and trying to run me over cuz I had a fight with a kid over a toy when I was 7

I deserved Joyce and my cousins abusing me... I DESERVED IT FOR ALL THE YEARS I WAS A MONGREL PERSON

 I deserved ken raping me seeing I touched n kissing boyfriends when I was little

I deserved to fail university for NOT obeying THE POOOPTER Joyce Poorter.

I deserved to get this rash, ear problems and stroke and car accident

I deserved being ignored and not believed about the child sexual abuse

I deserved unemployment n poverty for not being pretty enough and being sick all the time

I deserved all this cause I allowed Bill to molest me ...

I deserved to be blamed for burning the house ... it was my fault.
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1 Response May 13, 2012

i think it was something they wanted me to do in 1976 n i didnt do it so they burnt the house down to teach me a lesson... they keep doing that they do.