Nice Guy Finishes Last..

Ever do something you think matters, but it goes un-noticed? Ever try and work so hard for something in hope of a successful outcome? Well, we all know that life is unfair and it is a competition, but are people so focused in getting ahead that they would lie and brainwash someone with there suck up ways? I know things don't always go the way we want, but what is left for the ones who actually want something, don't complain, try their best and work hard for it, and are focused, when the lazy, loud, obnoxcious, unfocused, and unprepared are benefitted. It's like today when I was kindly opening the door for someone and they chose the other door after looking at me, or I guess right through me. Are the unnoticed hardworkers really that invisible. I hope the lazy people get a little kick in the butt so maybe just maybe they will have a little motivation and know what it's like to be quiet, get to work, and act like an adullt. Are we all so greedy that all we think of is ourselves? What about the guy in the corner who didn't get the promotion, but worked 80 hours a week to pay for his family? The key to failure is trying to please everyone, but when will we step up and stop sucking up and relying on a fake smile to get you through screw ups rather than actually working for it?
Beyourself13 Beyourself13
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013