Competition a lot of women here like you...hmmm...well that made me sad coz i have a crush on you...but oh well i think i am not your type so i will just look around...i did not expect to like you fact i have never seen you nor met you in person...i have no idea how you look like...are you short? bald? handsome? ugly? muscular? i don't know...but what i noticed is your character. (which i am not sure if it is just for facade's sake or just for "show" )

i don't want to compete with your women...     =(

but i am jealous   =((  but everytime i log in here i try to check if you are here too....

i hope this unwanted attraction of mine to you drowns away any time soon...SOON!....coz i don't want the rejection.

pinklipstick pinklipstick
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4 Responses Mar 1, 2010

this guy i talked about in this confession is from ep...i dont love him anymore...i think he sucks..LOL

Just whisper it to him..........he may feel the never know

that's great, carry on..