I'm Exhausted...

emotionally drained...........i've just been keeping it together, keeping it inside... suppress how much it hurts... cause that's what i do almost instinctively... i wouldn't want to inconvenience anyone with all that negativity... i don't want to bother you coz i don't want you to disappear.....but, you're already gone anyway... why do i still protect you from the hurt you've caused me?

mentally drained....it's like i have to be good at something... something i can speak of at least....and so i channel it all to my studies but i'm scaring me even, i think its gone beyond normal how much i want to do well... how much that want is taking over me that i prolly wont do well anyway.... my hands literally tremble when i do my papers....and things just disappear frm my brain....blank spots....  i've messed it up so bad and there's still another paper to go tomorrow....

physically drained... i don't even know if i'm imagining it or i'm really sick... aches and what not... is it stress or.... i keep imagining the worst... it's ridiculous...what is it? hypochondriasis? a phase?

i am so frustrated with myself... i just want to think positive, be positive... stop worrying, stop scaring myself with worst case scenarios....

and i just want to know if you're ok... because unlike you i dont just stop caring.
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Glad you share. i fully understand because im also one of them.. But now i want to reach out my hands to you .. im looking for a sincere, and geniune friendships that can encourage, and hold one another up . hope to hear you soon. last but not least, i see you as a very brave and caring woman who cares even when you are the one who are hurting. You are wonderful!