Maybe One Day

I wish I found it easy to talk about everything but I avoid talking about the things that really hurt me a lot of the time. I'd rather keep it inside, away from the people who love me so I don't bother or burden them.

I don't trust easily, even less than before with what has happened to me lately. I am sure that plays a part in me feeling like I am bothering someone.I think  I have always felt this way to some degree. Not because anyone else made me feel that way though.

If someone asks if I am ok, I will just say "I'm fine" and immediately change the subject and begin talking about something else. Most people that know me have seen me do this and they will call me on it!!

I wish just one day I could pick up the phone, call the person I loved and tell them exactly how I felt without worrying I am bothering them.

Maybe one day :)

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7 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Thanks Ripta!! Much appreciated advice and I did just that. The truth is I've always been like this but it isnt something I like. But you are right, its better to discuss it than keep it inside. <br />
<br />

noname22- I really hate this about myself, I usually throw a wall up to protect myself even though I have no valid reason to do so. I am so sorry you are feeling this way too :)

oh exactly like me! only difference that i have no people who love me exept father. and always i think i bother people talking about my problems or something that dont sound nice

I know KF with you it is truly different :) ...I Love you too !

you're never bothering me :) i love you! *hugs*

Thanks Brut...maybe one day I will :)

you should totally do it.