Sometimes life choose for us, and we have no power to make things any differently no matter how hard we try and no matter how many self help books we read or churches we go to or sage we asked advice from.

Sometimes, we care too much we are being extreme and ferocious thus being alienated by people we care about.

Sometimes, because of bad luck and little strength we grew up being different, and we beat ourself too much, we flawed, and our sight scares others, we are all alone, but we have too much pride too admit that we are only human, that God, who often times seems to be too cruel, sadly is our only friend, and at certain days, is the only person we talked to, even then we never know if he listens.

Sometimes we have to give up our wants and needs to compensate for the mistakes that the people we love have made and for our own, like a burning coal we have to swallow it to save what's important for us, sometimes in the process, we lose ourselves and we want to give up, and at the moment of pain, we are alone, and hoping God would be there for us, but we realized we are only talking to ourselves, and realized God might have ignored us long ago, because we have fallen so far from grace.

Sometimes, we just wanna say sorry even if it's not our fault, even though it is not our wrong, because we have grown so tired down to our soul from all the fights we have, and all we want to do is lay down flat on the earth, with rain falling and wind blowing on us, because all the things that's been burdening us, in all our life, has grown so heavy, we care not now, and all we want is for some rest, together with the dirt we are made of, if being mere clay one does not have to feel pain, then in a heart beat, I'll choose to be dirt than human.
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1 Response Mar 27, 2011

this is realy nice. i feel as if i wrote dis, or mayb sumone wrote it to me.