I'm Bad At It

I'm the kind of person who observes people and tells them what they're really feeling, but when it comes to me, I'm always at a loss for words. If something goes wrong, I can tell you what went wrong, but if you ask me how I feel about it, I'm blank. 


I always avoid people when I'm depressed anyway, so I mostly avoid talking to people about it. Even my parents. When they finally come out of their delusional, perfect, little world, and see that something's not right with me, and confront me, I just stare at the wall and stay silent. It always works. 


EP's different though. This is the only place I'm really myself and can whine and ***** all I like. lol. 


I wish I had someone to talk to among my family and friends here. But they don't really understand. =/


Parents think I need vitamin supplements (lmao). Friends are fed up of trying to make me get out of depression, and I hate bringing them down. 


I tried talking to my best friend yesterday. But she ended up lecturing me and getting mad at me. We talked for almost 3 hours on the phone, but at the end of it, she still hadn't understood it at all. She understood the cause of my depression, but she didn't understand the depression itself. She thinks it's easy to just ''snap out of it''. 


That's why I avoid talking about what's hurting me and just retreat in my shell. 
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5 Responses Apr 20, 2011

oh ok. Well when you don't I can still tell when something is bothering you

You're different. I do tell you when something's bothering me...sometimes. ^^' I was talking about my family and friends here. I wish they didn't misunderstand me.

So quit ur complaining and tell me WHEN EVER something is bothering you!!!!! GOT IT!!!!!!????????

I know you do. =)

HEY! I understand ^////^