My Best Friend Knows, But She Doesn't Know

The other night I was talking to my best friend on the phone. She knows I've been hurting, she see's it in my eyes, she hears it in my voice. She tells me that she is always here for me and is willing to listen. There's part of me who wants to tell her, but when I try, the words just don't come out. "It's okay," she says, "I understand. You'll tell me when you're ready." Makes me wonder, will I ever be?
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3 Responses Mar 16, 2012

sweetheart, I hope you can talk to me, and that I am not the problem hurting you.

No, my pain has nothing to do with any of my dear friends here. You have all been good for me in my path to healing, and I appreciate you for that. It's just going to take me a while to settle my demons & my heart.

OMG I'm in the exact situation and it kills me because she looks so bothered because of it. And she sounds really desperate but when I try to tell her she just gets annoyed, it drives me insane. She either gets annoyed or doesn't believe me. God! I'm like what do you want?! Make up your mind!<br />
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I love her, she's my best friend and I know she's trying her best, but it's driving me up the wall when she does this.

Hello Rubberqueen,<br />
I have also experienced this type of things many times throughout life. I sometimes feel that I can't because I get too emotional and cry because it hurts too much. But what I have found that does help me and is also very therapeutic is to express myself in writing. I can express myself in more detail and get the point across so much better because I'm not as emotional as when speaking. I just wanted to share this with you because this has helped me so many times in both business and personal issues. Best of luck!

Thank you, I am a writer myself and have used it a lot in my therapy and healing.