Strange People!!

As I mentioned in My earlier post that I was going through with bad married life, however, a couple years ago I met a person whom I knew through a relative for years ago!! This person works for Indian army!! I shared my issues with him!! He showed too much concern and making me believe that all men r not same there r true love!! He in fact he proposed me for marriage!! I stared trusting him!! Started sharing everything !! He use to keep sending SMS daily!! And then few months later he stopped !! I called him he stopped answering my phones !! One day I have seen him online and I msged him n he said that he is too busy!! But then suddenly totally stopped!! I have seen him online several times but I understood that he will not contact me !! Then I emailed him last time y did he played with emotions? But no response!! However I understood that ppl have fake conversation!! They don't mean anything !! But always ask myself y he did not behave like a man n clearly said that he cannot find me a person who can go on life time!!

Anyways I m not interested anymore in him or anyone!! As want b away from strange people!!

paridua paridua
Sep 8, 2012