The Words Don't Come

I get quiet when I'm hurting...don't have a lot to say. I get lost inside my feelings and the words don't come.
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I so understand what you are saying here. I am the same way, and I suspect that a lot of people are. My girlfriend doesn't understand that about me and whenever I get depressed or sad, I get really small. I hide and isolate myself; she takes it personally and starts picking at me, which only makes things worse on me.
It's okay for you be quiet when you're hurting. It's just your heart's way of dealing with your emotions, or what is going on at the time. You don't have to feel obligated to explain anything to anybody because you are entitled to your privacy and your "alone time".

Yep. - few words.

then get out of yourself and your 'feelings'...they will come and go anyway...otherwise a tendency to 'wallow' in feelings will occur whish is not helpful

Is this something to do with a lack of assertiveness?

Sometimes feelings can swallow you whole and it is a really tough place to get out of. I have learned through counseling that everyone should have one person they can talk about anything. I`m a great listener and whatrver you say is a secret forever.

thanks...that is a generous offer of your you may regret! LOL. I do better to just write and let the feelings flow than I do actually trying to have a coherent conversation about what I'm feeling. :) xo

If you just want to let it flow and writethats fine, you`ll kmow that I`ll read it and reply with some advice or comfort. Just remember that I`ll be here for you. Pete

Thank are a very kind-hearted man :) xo

There are a few of us good guys left and I wear a white hat.

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