i can never really tell any one wat im feeling i just keep it in and let it bubble but lately i cant seem to think i have these bad thought and i dont know wat to do i feel sad broken forgotten left out i dont want to do anything and theres times when i honestly dont want to live anymore anything has to be better then feeling like this the pain of just wakeing up have to do so many things for some one who is just going to turn around and yell at you for any lil thing because they can or people expecting you to help them but when your the one you have no one your alone i dont want to be alone any more im tired of this feeling and i dont know wat to do i hate it and i think wat i hate worst is having noone to talk to just this bad feeling of being alone
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I'm here!!!! Lol, I've just been skimming through your posts and Idk something caught my attention and I wanna meet new people and just someone that at whatever time I can talk about anything with, we don't know each other so it makes it a lot easier!! I love to write as well, I used to write poetry real well, I'm sure I still can, I'm currently fighting depression and suicidal thoughts, I care and live hard and appreciate people's company and words, that being said my condolences, it sucks to lose someone so close and please anytime feel free to express yourself I really like to help and I like talking about deep stuff, I see that helping and learning more about people and just learning new things keeps my mind off my problems and lonely feeling in life

Wow I just realized I'm really late to this, lol, hope you're still there

I'm still here it hurts but I know I must stay strong even if all I want to do is give up I know I cant so I fight that feeling but it seems like everyday it gets harder and harder I never really told any body what I was thinking then I found this sight and I just love it I can say what I want and not have to be scared of what anyone will think of me I can truly be me thank you for the support it helps