Never Showing Weakness.

I sometimes realize new things about myself.
And recently, I have realized that i don't like talking about my problems to other people. I don't like getting emotional, and crying in front of other people. I hate it, in fact.
I guess i sort of look at crying in front of other people as weakness,
and i want to be the person that people look up to, for advice. Leah the strong, independent girl that has been through a lot, and always knows how to help. Not the weak girl.
But in reality, crying is part of life. And it realllly does help.

My whole life, i've kind of been alone. Moving around so much, that i've had a lot of time to bottle up my emotions, and little time to let them out.

But this website, has helped me.

It's helped me open up to people, that are going through exactly what i am. Something i'm not used to having. But it is really helpful, to finally have it.

And maybe, it'll help me open up my feelings in person, a little more.
getoutsoon0206 getoutsoon0206
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013