I feel it's just a waste of time talking to anyone about whats hurting me. The times I tried, to confide in someone they use it against me. So I learned to keep what hurts me to myself..
I have to be very careful who I give my hurt to....only God!!
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Hello Fighnbak,
I know exactly how you feel. My Ex did that exact thing to the point I stopped talking to her about my problems or thoughts. If I did talk to her she would use it against me later . Even years from then. Its what helped us along to divorce.
I learned to hold my hurt inside ,how I felt , Everything. Its a very sad and lonley place to be.
I feel for you and my only thought on it as well as my hope is, That I just havent found the right person to be with to where i didnt feel like i had to be on gard all the time. That the right person is out there waiting to be found.
So keep your head up and have hope ! The right one is out there you just have to be strong enough to find them!

I think that everyone feels like that at some point and with friends and aquantences comes dishonesty and betrayl. As crazy as it may sound, sometimes it is easier to confide in people that you aren't so close to and don't know so well, but someone that can relate.