A lot of things end up bothering me. I'm usually very quiet when somethings really getting to me, I don't let my feelings or thoughts explode from my mind like they should. I close myself off and let my thoughts dwell in my mind. Its not a good habit, people should speak about whats hurting them or whats on their mind. I wish I could release all the things that linger in my mind, its not as simple as it sounds.. Just open your mouth and say how you feel. I can't do that. I don't like being judged I guess I'm afraid of other peoples reactions or think my issue isn't significant enough to spill out to another person. It'd be nice if I could speak out freely, maybe my mind wouldn't be as cluttered and I wouldn't be worried all the time or constantly questioning my actions. I need to learn to stop questioning if its okay for me to feel upset about a situation and say that I'm upset about this situation. I'm cautious when it comes to effecting other people with my thoughts or words. I want to start reaching out more and I'm definitely trying more than I ever have.

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4 Responses Oct 28, 2008

I have the same problem and am quiet about some thing, because I don't want to hurt or bother someone else. Its easier to say it on here and get responds then to tell a friend and listen to them go on and on.

Its easy to write it out, I'd rather be able to speak it out though. I guess you right, its a small accomplishment typing out how I feel sometimes. But I'm only just scratching the surface. A slow progression, but at least its something. Thanks for your words.

You just expressed yourself by writting how you are feeling right now. You just accomplished what you say you can't do. I think you should write it here when your feeling angry just write in here it helps you. thank you for sharing.

I have best friends, but I seem to invest different thoughts in all of them. Or different emotions, sometimes I just dont bother speaking out.