So Many Things

There are so many things that are rattling around in my mind that cause me to lose sleep, be depressed, compulsively eat, make me get the drift. I can't say these things to anybody. Mostly because I'm afraid to. I grew up having my ideas, thoughts, desires constantly ridiculed. Now I keep everything inside because I'm afraid of being called bitter or something of the sort. Everybody has negative opions about things. Everyone gets upset at something or someone once in awhile. Why does that make someone bitter? I'm also afraid of telling people how they've hurt me. As you can guess, I grew up with a moderate amount of emotional abuse. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "look what we've done for you" or some derivitive of that. Stuff like this is why I keep it all inside and don't tell people what is hurting me.
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2 Responses Mar 13, 2009

i only feel empathy situation is not much different from yours...i have a weird sleeping pattern..though i have so many many people who love me but i have none to talk to or confide into completely..maybe we can help each other :-)

the great thing about EP is everyone wants to read about everyone. The more you say, the better you feel, and soon your life makes a few good turns and opens up to possibility. I found myself again in here and its way better than most sites.