I sometimes crave being with another man so hard that I feel the way I did when I craved that very first cig when I quit.  The craving was physical and mental.  I mean, not just any man will do.  I start with the fantasies.  The Fedex/UPS guy brings a package to my cubicle.  They ask for a signature, I ask "will there be anything else", as I accidentally grab my **** as I turn away (hey it was accidental, I swear).  Just then you could see the driver's hot **** start to harden and outline in that uniform.  He can't hide it!  I escort him to the supply closet near my cube....wake up from that daydream.  These happpen all day sometimes.  What do I do? Try to find a hot dude to **** around with that night.  It is not always that easy, but well worth it to satisfy the crave. 
rwells0616 rwells0616
41-45, M
May 19, 2012