My First

The following story is explicit. It is not suitable for persons under eighteen years of age, fuddy-duddies, squares, or microscopic aquatic organisms. Please be advised. The first girl I ever went down on was also the only woman I have ever truly considered a real friend. We were inseperable, 'partners in crime', double trouble.
I had always had a 'crush' on her - I kept it to myself, because I was scared of ruining our friendship. She's straight. One day at her house, during 'girl talk', I told her my orientation. She wanted to know what it was like.
I had to confess that, beyond kissing/making out and heavy petting, I didn't know. She smiled this huge grin of hers (damn, I miss her) and said, "let's find out!".
Before I could really register what she'd said, she had grabbed me and began kissing me.
It was a fantasy come to life, feeling her lips, softer than I had imagined, her tongue sparring with mine. We kissed for what seemed like a very long time, all the while me wanting to put my hands under her shirt, feel her skin, lay her down. I made myself not.
After a few minutes, she pulled back with a little sigh, and gave me this through-the-lashes look. I had seen her give guys that look - it was all the permission I needed.
My hands reached for her shirt, and pulled it off. She did the same for me, and before we could feel awkward I laid her back on the bed.
I ran my hands soflty down her sides, grazing her ribs and then across her stomach, tracing the edge of her jeans. Gently I leaned over her and made a trail of kisses from each hip bone, to her naval, under each breast, and back up to her neck. I was very excited and my panties were beginning to get soaked, but I kept thinking *slow down, don't scare her*. I ran my fingers over every inch of her pale skin, kissed every freckle, lightly sucked her nipples, nuzzled and kneeded, until she was wriggling and breathing heavy.
I sat up and locked eyes with her. A little out of breathe, I barely managed a whisper, "can I take your pants off?".
Her hands went to the snap on her jeans, she unzipped, and I shimmied her pants down her legs. She was wearing light blue lace panties; they matched her eyes. She hooked her thumbs into them at the hip, but I stopped her with a hand.
I stood up on the bed, and took my own pants off. I left my own pink thong on, and kneeled back down, this time between her legs instead of next to her.
She had her eyes closed, and I just looked for a moment, watching her breasts rise and fall, her tiny waist, her slender hips and thighs. She opened her eyes and looked at me; I told her I wanted to taste her *****.
She blushed a little, and nodded, then put her head back as I eased her pretty panties down, raising her pelvis so I could get them off.
I moved up and over her, and kissed her again, carressing her shoulders and arms, then her lovely, perfectly round ****, licking each nipple on the way by. I paused right above her **** again, gently opening her legs. I kissed and nibbled over her pubes, until I was 'right there' staring at her pretty *****. Her lips were parted a bit, I could see that she was wet, and her smell was sweet. I pushed the hood of her **** back, hearing her suck in a breathe as my tongue pressed her clitoris. I kept my tongue flat and licked slowly, until she started to push her hips up. I angled a little farther down, pointed my tongue and pushed it into her wet hole. She squeezed my head with her thighs so I just stayed that way for a few seconds. As she relaxed, I flattened my tongue again, still almost inside her *****, and licked back up to her **** in one move. Her legs clenched me again, and her moan made my ***** tighten.
I put my left hand under her ***, and slid my right index finger inside her. I kept my mouth on her ****, licking tiny circles around it, as I very slowly finger ****** her.
She only lasted a couple minutes before her thighs squeezed around me again. I felt her ***** tighten and then throb around my finger. I pressed up, rubbing her g-spot and licking faster around her ****. She let out one last moan and shudder, and I slipped my finger out. I kept licking her with long flat strokes of my tongue for another minute or so, cleaning up her juices with my tongue. As I slowed and stopped, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me up to her face. I gave her another kiss, not very deep, just a sweet kiss.
I layed down beside her, and she rolled to her side. We cuddled for several minutes, and then I told her that she was "very sweet, down there and for letting me do that". She giggled and rolled again. I could tell she was kind of embarressed, so I closed my eyes while she put her clothes on. When she was dressed, she said she would be right back and left the room. I heard her go into the bathroom off the hallway.
I got off the bed and put my pants and shirt back on. I sat down, and waited.
A million thoughts were running through my head, the biggest ones were how good she tasted, how much I loved making her ***, and I was scared she would be different.
I was sitting there lost in thought when she came back from the bathroom. Her cheeks were a little red, but she didn't act any different. She asked if I wanted to come to the store with her before I went home, and we left her house.
We didn't talk about what we did, until years later. We stayed friends, and nothing was changed, except once in a while, she would catch me staring, and give me that look...
She moved away a few years after that day (we talked about it the last night we hung out, at her goodbye party) and although we are still friends, we've grown apart. We are living our lives. We still call each other once in a blue moon (birthdays, mostly) and we can talk 'like it was just yesterday'.
I miss her though. I miss her skin, and those gorgeous light blue eyes.
I've dreamed of that first time, many times. And I can't look at a pair of blue panties with out licking my lips..
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