I had to take my dog to the vet for of course shots, but when she leaves my side I can't help but to feel alone. I feel like she thinks I'm giving her up and that she's going to be alone. She's always by my side I can't think of a better dog or friend than her.
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Aww please don't cry (hugs)

your dog is beautiful & im sure she doesn't think you're abandoning her. I went through a similar situation with my dog (I had to leave her in the vets office for a few days for her surgery) and I went to visit her everyday. When I left, she would start crying and whining and barking and my heart broke :( but she's fine now, laying down right next to me in bed actually haha. Im sure everything is going to work out with your cute little dog and she's going to love you just as much (maybe even more) when she's better. :)

Cute dog.