Like right now and here lately nothing comes to mind
It's quite frustrating and I hope it goes away in time
What is it? the "it" that stands in my way
Go to call a friend, but I say **** it
I don't wanna pretend that I'm havin a good day
Damn it, I don't feel like dealing with it 
My days not bad nor good anyways
This it, this it.. I just wanna know what it is?
Yet I don't care enuf to pitch a fit..
It's holding me down back and up
It's a thief I know that much
It has stolen my words
So I have not much to say
Till I'm left with
Fuhk it, and have a good day
whisperingsunshine whisperingsunshine
31-35, F
5 Responses Aug 8, 2011

Now it made sense why I always say "I can't find it" and yet I don't know what "it" I'm looking for..

it can be quite perplexing

I hope you find out what "IT" is S-Jay, keep that head up girl ! You can always pull your bat out and smack "IT" !

lol I think I'm "it" dont wanna smack myself lol

lol thanx Quer.. hope you gotchur runnin shoes on gurl. But yeah.. I am it. Very well said. ;-)

It seems it is a pronoun and it is frequently used as it should. It is therefore it while they it disappear or become it for ever.

uhh.. it's a pain in the arse and needs to disappear lol

yea, need to get rid of it