And My Friends Really Don't Get It...

I have a very hug-happy group of friends. It is very rare I like to be hugged. When they come in for a hug I shrink and cringe, which offends them. They get angry, we fight a little, they go off, cool down, and come back apologizing. Unfortunately for me, apologizing always, always involves a hug. They just don't seem to grasp the concept of personal space. I love them very much, and I have no idea why I'm this way, but I can't hug or cuddle and I definitely can't spoon. Just because you're sleeping over in my bed does not give you an excuse to curl around my body. I have a very big bed. Use it.

And then there's the rare occasion I don't mind being touched and I do hug and I do cuddle. It's fun while it lasts. But when I say it's over I get a lot of confused looks, due to the fact that my friends think if I give them a hug, I'm "cured". This is a very sad cycle, and one of the few rifts I have with an otherwise solid group of chums. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do if I get a boyfriend. He'll just have to understand better than my friends do that my body is mine and you can only touch it with permission.
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In my opinion there's nothing wrong with not being to touch feely. My whole life I was like that and everyone in my family was the opposite. One of my daughters today still mentions it to me and then says she understands that's just me. I don't think she understands or she wouldn't mention it at all. Ok, this is going to sound strange I am not gay in any way, but I have a masculine side to me that makes me not want to be all mushy. I call it my warrior side. I've had to use that side of me most of my life; especially when being hurt by men. Actually I'm proud of that side of me and maybe you're the same way. You'll know when it's the right time to share your bed and spoon and don't compromise your feelings until then. I hope some of this makes some since to you my young friend.

I may be free with my hugs, but I also respect other peoples feelings and so should your friends. As far as boyfriends go, not many men like to cuddle, so you shouldn't have much trouble there. Good luck on finding the right one. And just to be funny, (((hugs))). lol :)

I had a girl friend that used to come and grab my butt when she saw me. The first time kinda threw me off guard and I shrugged it off. As far as new she wasn't gay and I had noticed her doing it other girls. Like a "hello" tap on the ***. The next couple of times really got to me and I told her I didn't like her doing it. The next time she did it I reared back and smacked her across the face and asked her if she liked it. Of course she said no. I told her if she wanted to walk around with a permanent red mark across her face then to keep on grabbing my butt.