Oh, Yeah.

Especially if I'm upset. If you touch me, and I'm mad, or don't want to be touched, I tend to react badly, and have a difficult time resisting the instinct to lash out, physically.  

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7 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Damascus, honey, you don't know me. Do NOT make pretenses that you do. Plain and simple. You purposefully misunderstood what I wrote, just to start drama, in my opinion, and I'm done with you. Period.

I understand where ur coming from .. I get like that sumtimes aswel especially if im angry I just want 2 be left alone and can get aggresive with those that dont understand wot alone means :P I dont think theres nefin wrong wid it .. Sumtimes we need alone time to sort ourselves out :)

Well Grumpy....if you're in a bad mood, play computer games, killing gamers online is better then snapping at online/offline people (LOL offline people). Have you ever tried the "don't touch me, bad mood, seriously" approach? You hurt the feelings of the person trying to help you every time you lash out.

I'm going to repeat myself. <br />
<br />
Sometimes you don't want to be comforted. Sometimes you don't want to be touched. I never once said I was like that ALL THE TIME. Please, do not misunderstand or put words in my mouth. (Also, please forgive me if I'm a bit grouchy today. The migrane I had last night is back and almost as bad as it was last night.)

Most people want to be comforted by someone who understands them. Did anything bad happened in the past that would make you act this way?

Sometimes, you don't *want* to be comforted.

You're not making it easy for people to comfort you XD