Math Again

 That damn math! It's like..during homework/practice-i understand it just fine, but when it's time for a test..there's a F staring me in the face!

lostprophet lostprophet
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I guess i've never done enough reps of math problems because I never get it

i've never played-but..i do agree it is repetition.

Math is not about understanding. It's about repetition. Think World of Warcraft. You get how the game works after about 10 mintues. Then you spend the next week doing the exact same thing until you are level 70.

LOL. i know right! lol.

Hahaha. That's the spirit! =D

i'll never love math. <br />
i dont care about the teacher or the material!

Wow. Been there! For me it's math and science, chemistry to be specific. And I'll have to retake the same classes this coming semester at my college (ugh). But the thing is I'm not stupid, it just takes longer for math and science related topics to sink in my brain. And the teachers are no better! Trust me, when you find a REALLY good math teacher, you'll love math. Because they actually break it down for you. I'd rather they'd assume I don't know anything than know most things. Life would be so much easier that way.