Maternity Clothes

I have always thought that being pregnant is the ultimate femine thing. Having people feel your tummy and comment on your pregnancy is so personal.  I dressed up as if I was pregnant and went to the mall to look at maternity clothes at the maternity store.  The associate seemed ok with it as I started looking at the racks of merchandise.  I found a nice sweater and a maternity bra.  I asked if I could try them on and she showed me to the dressing room.  The bra fit very well so I decided to buy it.  The sweater was too short so I decided against it. 

I went back to look for a pair of leggings but the store only had S, M, and L.,  Too small for me even though there is lots of stretch.   I looked at another rack of clothes .  The maternity dresses were too short so I went back to look at the maternity bras and found a different style.  They carried plus styles that seemed big enough to fit me and they  did. 

I took the bras to the counter to pay for them and the associate rang me up.  We exchanged a little small talk and we wisahed each other a nice holiday season.
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Fabulous sweetie

Thank-you Sammi