A Trade-up?

My family are mostly snorers.... They snore so loud, they can wake the dead! I can hear my mother or sister, from my room or even downstairs, as they snore away. Also my brothers too, when they use to live here. I've learned to sleep through it, regardless! =p

I do not snore... but I am the only one who drools. I know it's a little gross (a little???) and it can be a LOT of it! It depends. I try to stay on my back or with my head propped on my arm... this limits the drooling a lot, if not stop it all together. But, in my sleep, I often change into a more comfortable position. That's either the fetal position (most times) or on my stomach. And that guarantees that I wake up with drool, from shoulder to fingertips... or covering the whole side of my face and bubbling in my ear.

See... told you it was gross. =p

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

That is a LOT of drool! I wouldn't have believed it from anyone else. I drool sometimes, as I sleep on my front too, but not like that! I'm not putting this group on my profile anyway! =P