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That I Do...

And I'm going to feel guilty for saying this, but sometimes I think it wasn't worth it. Like I wasn't worth it.
deadmoon deadmoon 18-21, F 3 Responses May 14, 2011

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I feel like that a lot too......then i try to shake those thoughts by realizing that obviously, He thought I was worth it by doing that for me, I need to be grateful and trust Him, instead of doubting his decision. It helps some.

Love made you worth it. Anytime you feel that way, lift your hands and praise God for counting you worthy. It is the trick of the enemy (satan) that you think that way. God Kicked him out of heaven and he (satan) wants you to forfeit your place there, he has not the power to do so, only you can keep you out of heaven; it is a promise of God to you and He is a man of His word. Num. 23:19

Feel like that many days....