Im Hungry But I Dont Wanna Eat ...

Sometimes I feel so hungry especially at latenight.

I feel like my stomach requires for the food all the time

Even though I have already eaten some foods.

I dont know how to do so I fill it up with a bottle of water

but it makes me feel so sick and like to throw up.

This health problem really troubles me lately.

I dont know why it happens since Im pretty sure I have eaten enough food.

I eat 3 meals a day in general.

Sometimes, I have to take the sleeping pill to get to sleep

or else I will have to stay awake whole night... ToT

DollyDiva DollyDiva
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I always have to take a sleeping pill (aid) so that I don't stay up all night worrying. :( Good luck!

"Eating less more often is more effective for losing weight. "<br />
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I totally agree :)

What are the reasons and emotions you have behind not wanting to eat, even though you are hungry? When this happens to me, it's usually about wanting to be and stay thin...or if I am very upset about something.<br />
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It's good that you are eating three meals a day, but what is in those meals? Are they made up of foods that will satisfy you and your bodies needs, or keep that "full feeling" longer? Personally, I like to snack throughout the day. I keep track of my calorie intake for 6 days out of the week(the other day is a "free day"), and make sure that I get a good mix of food types. It does tend to lean towards lean protein, grain, and things that have these things keep me feeling full longer.<br />
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Eating in the morning is one of the most important things you can do to jumpstart your brain and your metabolism, so props on doing that. : ) Plus...breakfast food is delicious!!!<br />
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Regarding feeling hungry as getting close to your goal...<br />
If your goal is self denial, then I would say you are achieving it. If it is losing weight, flat out starving yourself will not get you the results you want. Your metabolism will change to try and hold onto the energy you have, since you are depriving it of receiving any more. So, at first you will lose weight...but then it will stop as your body tries to protect itself. Eating less more often is more effective for losing weight.

well, in that case, I have the feeling like, if Im hungry means I'm getting closer to my goal ..

for me i love the hungry feeling. i like the feeling of the numbness my stomach gets when i have no food. i am kinda addicted to the hungry feeling. ne help with this?

Lately, I eat more in the morning and less for the rest of the day, and it really works!<br />
However, Ill write you an email ;)

(I am Spanish) But yeah, i know what you mean, I am the same. I also feel stavring when I have to go to the bed and then I can't sleep until a lot of hours latter. The next day I feel tired and if I have to be concentrated, i can't do it.. it's awful. I also tried to drink some water but this not solved my prblem.. if anyone can help me, please.. ( Sorry for my mistakes TT xxx

I dont have the problem with starving but because I have to wake up early in the morning for university and if Im starving I cant sleep so yeah, I couldnt concentrate the courses. OMG! I wish I dont have this weight issue. If I gain some pounds, I will have to lose them out immediately. Thats me lol

Yeah I'm the same. Sometimes I'm starving.

Yeah, but we are too afraid to eat something that contains a lot of energy right?

I know what you mean. I never eat just before I go bed unless its a protein shake. Some nights I feel really hungry and that makes me sometimes struggle to get to sleep.