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I Feel So Depressed.. I Don't Know What To Do.

I have been dating the most amazing man, that I have ever met for almost 6 months. I can be emotional, or silly, or sad or happy or anything, I can be me, and he accepts me for me. He loves me, but lately we have been having a small rough patch, and we get extra emotional or sad and end up in small arguments or bad ngihts over the smallest things, a lot of the time it is me because I get upset over something small. But anyways...

I feel like maybe he would be happier without me. I have three kids, I don't work, I go to school full time but even once I graduate I am going to be in debt from school loans. I can't afford to move financially or help pay rent. My kids can be stressful at times I have three from a previous relationship. And I just feel like I am a huge burden.. He never said any of this.. but thinking ahead I have nothing to offer him but my love. and.. sometimes love isn't enough. The most I will be offering is more stress and baggage and just a big burden on him and I feel like I will just be holding him back. 

I don't know what to do. I love him so much. :(
OwlMagic OwlMagic 26-30, F 3 Responses Jul 9, 2012

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Love is something that you offer that can't be bought or replaced. That some time's isn't enough for some people. If you feel like it's going to end then it probable will. I know from experience that what you think in your heart is what you become. If you don't think your good enough for this man than he will pick up on it. I say start working on your self, build up your own self worth and become a more attractive person. Learn new things like cooking, gardening, or find things you like to do but improve you and you will become more desirable. That's what I am doing now.

first thing first. like you said, he did not say this, u created this in your mind. is there something about u that is getting in the way to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with this wonderful man, any man willing to raise someone else's kids should be commended big time! in the animal world males, they kill offspring from other males. what is your agenda? what do u want that u are not getting? are u being reasonable? we all have needs. we have the right to ask that our needs be met, but that is all. no one is required to meet our needs, we do that for ourselves. u did not mention past history. have u been abused, do u have borderline personality issues? are u depressed? do u have self esteem issues? all these factors need to be looked into before u trash this relationship. Socrates once wrote Scito te Ipsum "know thyself" if you know u r short comings u will not project these onto another person in this case your man. good luck.

I am having the same issue (minus the kids & loan) I don't know where am going in life & have this amazing guy. I am glad to know there are people out there struggling through the same thing I am.

the motto here is seek and u shall find. in my circles, the primordial question is: do u want the relationship? if u do not want to maintain the relationship u may have to face the fact that the basics for engaging in a relationship are not there and that maybe it is time to seek other greener pastures. BUT u mention struggle, this tells me that u still have "that connection" and that tweeking is needed. Talk, Talk, Talk. begin serious communication sessions, without interruption, no phones, no kids no nothing, " when u do/ say/fail to do etc. ________ "I Feel" and I would like_________. He will respond to your communications with consideration and respect. accept what is said, if still not clear, remain on BEHAVIORAL actions. never attack the person, and do not use absolute language "u never, etc" because this is not true and only creates drama and resentment in the other person. remain feeling based, with love and consideration, always being mindful of "games people play."