Well, More... Cloned?

So, allow me to explain. I am invisible... but.... more so in a cloned state. I know it sounds odd but here it goes:

Ever since Junior High several of my friends have shared my first name. At first ti was two of us, then it rose to 3... then sometimes 5. And somehow, it was never me whenever one was called. It was always the other one, a different Rachel. To be honest, I was very bothered by this for a few years, but, the Rachel that I was closest to, she was such a sweetie, and I knew, if it were up to her, we would be called upon equally.

It was more bothersome in other classes, with Rachels I didn't even know, so I would still end up looking around and feeling quite foolish. It got to the point where I stopped responding to my own name, because I was so used to it not being me.

In our foreign language class, our teacher saw how much we hung out together, and began calling us "Rachels" and we would be called to answer questions together and if we ever weren't partnered up on a project, it would throw her for a loop "Ok Rachels, you go now. Oh? It's Rachel and _? Where is the other Rachel?" Even after the other Rachel graduated a year ahead of me, that plural still managed to stick somehow.

Comically the Rachel I was closest to helped solve this problem, by giving me my first real nickname, and one that helped distinguish us a little bit more. But it helped me realize that being invisible wasn't such a bad thing. At times it was nice to be able to zone out, and it got me a close friend and some great memories.

Now, if only those darn automatic doors worked for me, I'd be all set! :)

moonymuse moonymuse
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

Well, you have diffrent personality, you know? Personality is a "name" that can't be cloned ;)